Health Care 04.Aug.2023

How To Have A Comfortable Period During Summers

As we grow older, we develop our own routines for our periods and the days leading up to them. Some of us like to double up our pads and underwear, some carry extras just in case they need them, some have a sleep schedule that’ll put Kumbhkaran to shame. So basically it’s a tailor-made setup, to each her own.

Why are we talking about period routines and schedules? Well, for one, the summers are here, harder and hotter than ever. And for another, it’s always good to keep on evolving and routines are no exceptions.

Out of necessity, most of us have figured out some hacks and ways to deal with our period symptoms. From exercising to help with the cramps to eating right to avoid bloating and sugar crashes. Or simply channel surfing on the couch in a comfy pair of sweats, because that’s the need of the hour.

And all that is good until the summer rolls around. That’s when things get super interesting. In a subtropical country like ours, it takes early conditioning to deal with the different seasons, the level of change in the climate and its effects on our bodies.

Periods are the highlight of everyone’s month, right? Cramps, bloating and acne are just a few gifts that we’re given – every month. On the other hand, the saddest thing about summer is the combination of sweating and chafing. Add periods to that mix and you’re golden.

Menstruation is a fact of nature, and there’s nothing gross or weird about getting your period. But, anyone who’s discovered a dark stain on their shorts can agree that it’s still incredibly annoying.

However, here are some easy steps that you can take to make your cycle more tolerable this summer.

Stash Pads Everywhere

You never know when you’ll need a fresh tampon or pad— and you probably won’t want to be scrambling for one when you’re out and about. Keep spares wherever you can, your work desk, bag, car and so on. Always have a backup for your backup.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

This could be anything loose, stretchy or flowing. Make sure that it’s lightweight and breathable. Your body needs to breathe, so loose clothing is a great idea. Go for natural fabrics like cotton and linens. Stay away from polyester and other such blends.

Beat The Bloat

Salt makes your body retain water, which can lead to bloating. Especially when you’re on your period. Things like broccoli and whole grains will bring on the bloat, too, so be careful about what you consume. And stay far away from carbonated drinks, stick to water instead.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It may seem weird that you need to load up on water when you’re already feeling uncomfortable and bloated. But since your body retains water when it’s at risk of dehydration, drinking up convinces your body to let go of that extra water. It’s super easy to get dehydrated and fatigued on your period because you’re losing fluid pretty much every second, add the summer heat and any outdoor activities, and you’re pretty much toast. SO. Keep a water bottle on hand 24/7. It’s worth the trouble.

While being on your period makes some activities less pleasant, it doesn’t stop you from having a good time. Hanging out with your friends makes every situation seem a little less sticky. Since it is a stressful time, venting is essential because you need an outlet. Bottling up your emotions is super unhealthy and will cause you unnecessary stress. Definitely treat yourself. Everyone deserves an ice cream cone in the summer heat. And last but not the least, exercise. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Exercising will help you more than anything else when it comes to your periods and PMS, whatever the season.