Health Care 04.Aug.2023

Why Should You Switch To A Super-Thin Pad This Summer

It is challenging to keep your cool when it’s getting steamy hot outside, and on top of that, you get your periods. During the menstrual cycle, the hormonal changes decrease your body’s temperature tolerance, and you might feel hot and sweaty, and more so in summers.

Most of the sanitary napkins are so bulky that they completely block air flow and further add to heat and sweat in the vaginal area. It would surely be great to have a sleek, sanitary napkin that keeps you cool down there. JR Cool is the ideal sanitary napkin for girls with an active lifestyle who do not want to pull brakes on their life just because they are on their periods. Yes, there is no need to slow down with JR Cool. This super thin pad soaks the period flow to the last layer to keep you fresh and dry. It is so light that you don’t feel a thing wearing it and the absorbency is excellent so no need to worry about leakages too. Try JR Cool to stay calm and irritation free this summer. Made using Coolpad technology it is first of its kind sanitary napkin in China.

So go out and enjoy the summer parties with your friends, feeling super relaxed and worry-free. Its best to opt for loose, comfortable clothing during periods like dresses and skirts as it keeps the vagina airy, but if you wish to wear tight short or pants, go ahead nothing will show through. With a thick napkin, the pad lines are visible, but JR’s ultra-thin napkin is so thin that you don’t need to think about hiding pad lines. And it’s cool feature will keep you fresh and worry-free.

We hope we have convinced you to try our JR cool sanitary napkin. It’s cool water fragrance will keep you cool and fresh throughout and the super thin feature with no usage feel, will help keep the vagina breezy and sweat free.