Health Care 10.Jul.2023

Symptoms Of A Girl’S First Period

Girls commonly get their periods by the time they are 11 or 13 at the most, but the age bracket of 9 to 16 is also a likely time to start. Every girl is different, and so is her age of reaching puberty and getting her periods.

There are however a few sure shot signs that you can look out for to know that your period is on its way.

Puberty is the first sign that will let you know that your period is on its way

The development of your breasts is another sign that your body is now mature enough to have its first period.

A girl’s periods usually arrive two years from the development of her breasts

Growth of pubic hair is another sign that lets one know that a girl’s period is on her way

The growth of pubic hair takes place just after the breasts also start developing.

Starting off as thin, the pubic hair grows coarser over time

Vaginal discharge is also a sign that your period is soon to arrive.

Discharge, specifically white or yellowish in colour, is what may indicate that your periods are only a few months away now.