Health Care 06.Jul.2023

Irregular Periods? Here’s How You Work Around Them.

It’s tough to be calm when you’re a few days late on your periods. Overthinking and panicking about it makes it even worse. Ladies, it’s not your fault so you needn’t stress.

In order to understand them better, you need to know why they happen.

The normal length of a woman’s menstrual cycle is around 28 days but it depends from person to person. However, during irregular periods it can extend to more than 35 days. It’s important to know how and why it happens. Irregular periods occur if there is a change in the hormonal balance, change in contraception methods or hormonal changes around menopause.

But if you get irregular periods during your reproductive years then medical treatment could be necessary.

But here are a few home remedies that can help you with irregular periods.

Exercise & Diet: We love junk food and lazing around but working out is important and should be an important part of your day. Go out for running, cycling or even play some sport. Do not skip breakfast under any circumstances. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day your last meal should be before 8 pm (Easy, right?).

Lifestyle: It’s a scientific fact that stress causes hormonal imbalances. Meditate and relieve your stress. Again, yoga definitely helps here. Sleep and wake up early.

Hormones: Get yourselves regularly checked by doctors in case you feel that the need arises. Consult a doctor for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. Women produce more of male hormones than female ones which can cause them to have irregular periods. It’s can be cured if you get the right medical help on time.

Here are some foods that you can try that aid in curing irregular periods.

Add Some Cinnamon In Life: It’s said that cinnamon can help women with PCOS and can help regulate menstrual cycles.

Ginger: It really helps if you try and include ginger in your diet. Ginger is often used to relieve menstrual pain and correct irregular periods.

Papaya: Raw papayas aid in increasing the blood flow in the uterus and uterine contractions.

Move to Jaggery: Jaggery is rich in minerals and iron that help in curing irregular periods.

The last and the most important thing is to not panic at all. Irregular periods can be a sign that you are just taking a lot of stress and need to change your habits. Stress not, ladies, you can always talk to us for advice.