Health Care 06.Jul.2023

Here’s How You Know If Your Periods Are About To Start

Did you ever end up with the feeling that life was perfect till about a few days ago when everything started going spectacularly wrong? Yes, it’s a feeling we all go through, mood swings, cramps and what not. It’s completely normal. There’s nothing to worry though. It’s just your periods knocking.

So how do you get to know when it’s about to happen? We list out a few universal signs and symptoms that can help you figure out in time if you’re getting the menses. Here are a few of them to help you be better prepared for them:

Every meal feels like a buffet

You’re hungry and you only had like 3 lunch servings in the afternoon. Of course, you feel the need for feed. Your colleague’s biryani, your friend’s fruit bowl, or even that big cheeseburger that your boss ordered is next on your agenda.

Pain…Oh, the pain

2-3 days before you will start having pains in your abdomen. They’re just a precursor to cramps that you would get during your periods. You will probably be on your belly with a hot water bottle underneath.

You Start Hating On Everyone

It’s true. You actually start seeing everyone as someone you just cannot stand.

You have a party going on in your pants

Your discharge increases in the days leading up to your periods.

All your outfits look absolutely wrong

Like ALL of them. Some feel like they have a horrible fit, some just have the wrong colour combos, some you want to throw away because they just look horrible. You feel like an undressable monster. But’s just your pre-periods phase. Don’t throw them away (Pretty please?).

You become a magnet..a zit magnet

A giant flashing pimple on your face is a sure fire sign that your periods are just a proverbial cab ride away.

But on a serious note, here are a few signs to know if your periods are coming.

You feel fatigued and tired all the time. You just want to lie down and not go anywhere or do anything.

You get regular headaches. Your head feels like it’s about to explode.

You feel a lot of anxiousness and depression. As part of the mood swings, you tend to feel conflicting emotions which is normal.

So there you go, you now have a much better idea about knowing when your periods are about to hit you. So the next time they knock. You are well prepped.