Health Care 06.Jul.2023

Ever Used A Tampon? It’s Time You Did

Your weekend plans were all sorted till, but just then, you got that familiar feeling. Your periods decide to come knocking. And so begins your search through your bag and wardrobe for sanitary pads. Yes, pads have been the best friend that your mom introduced you to when you just started menstruating.

But why stress? You can dance the night away without a care because tampons are your answer. They’re small, easily fit inside the vagina, absorb blood better, offer much better freedom of movement and are best for an 8 hour use.

Though, the debate as to what is better & safer to use will always go on, you yourself should be the best judge. A majority of women swear by using tampons as it provides them the comfort they need when they head out. Tampons are not a new notion. Women have been using tampons for decades. It’s time you should start as well, don’t you think?

It’s best at this point for you to know how tampons are beneficial if you’re out in the market looking for a better alternative to pads.

Tampons Are Your Best Friends. Here’s How:

You Don’t Feel The Flow- You don’t have to worry about unexpected leaks when you’re out and about. When inserted, tampons softly fit inside and help in absorbing the maximum blood flow.

Restricted Movements, What? – Tampons are simply inserted in through the vaginal opening where they softly open up to absorb the flow. You don’t feel anything when they’re inside and thus eases your movements during the day.

Clean and Hygienic – With tampons, you don’t have to worry about hygiene. They are really safe to use.

Easier to Take Out & Discard- Tampons are easier to take out and throw away in a disposable wrap.

No Smell- If you’re worried about any form of odour, tampons are the way to go as long as you don’t use them for a prolonged period.

Before you start to feel overwhelmed, buying a tampon cannot get easier as they come in 2 types: The Non-Applicator type and the Applicator type.

The Applicators come with a small plastic mechanism that slides out and helps guide the tampon into place (it’s magic if you really think about it!).

The Non-Applicators are the softer versions of the applicator types and require no equipment besides your clean fingers.

Ideally, a tampon should last you for 4-8 hours so it suits a woman who’s uncomfortable using pads, so yes, we do suggest that you remove them once you’ve crossed 4 hours since inserting them.

We understand that women need to be able to move and stretch around freely. Periods are not your shortcoming, embrace them and everyone else will follow.