Company News 15.May.2023

What You Need To Know About Disposable Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkin is a sanitary product used by women during menstruation.It is divided into three layers:surface layer,absorbent core and bottom layer from inside to outside.When using,first tear off the paper tape in the middle,stick the glued side to the middle of the underwear first,and align the two"ears"with the narrowest part of the crotch.It can be glued firmly.

Sanitary napkins should be stored in a dry,sterile environment and have a certain expiration date.Therefore,it should be purchased and used immediately,and those that cannot be used up can be stored in a cotton bag.Sanitary napkins should not be stored in the bathroom where there is no sunlight and much humidity,as it is easy to breed mold and be contaminated.When buying sanitary napkins,pay attention to the shelf life.The sanitary requirements for sanitary napkins are very strict.The closer to the production date,the more guaranteed the quality.

Menstrual period is a period when the constitution is relatively weak,the vagina is sensitive and fragile,the external resistance is poor,and pathogenic microorganisms can easily invade the body.Hands should be cleaned before changing sanitary napkins to prevent pathogenic bacteria from contaminating clean sanitary napkins through hands.Menstrual blood is rich in nutrients,which can easily become a"culture medium"for bacteria to multiply.Therefore,sanitary napkins should be replaced frequently,and it is recommended to replace them every 2 to 4 hours.The hazards that may be caused by not replacing it in time include:easy infection of reproductive system diseases,such as mild fever,genital inflammation,skin itching,ascending infection,excessive leucorrhea,local burning sensation,lower abdominal pain,or accompanied by fever,nausea,etc.Symptoms;prone to urinary tract infections,such as urinary tract infection,cystitis,pyelonephritis,frequent urination,urgency,dysuria and other symptoms;it can also cause low back pain,fatigue or accompanied by fever.

We are the factory to make disposable sanitary towel for more than 15 years.So we main have 5 kinds of disposable sanitary napkin,one is ultra thin sanitary napkin,one is negative chip sanitary towel,one is organic cotton sanitary pad,one is breathable bamboo sanitary napkins and the another one is biodegradable sanitary napkins.

Compared with normal sanitary napkins,this ultra thin sanitary towel is thinner and more breathable,which can bring users a more comfortable experiences.Selected microfiber for a light and fluffy surface that feel soft and smooth to skin.It has super long glue with good adhesion,so it is difficult to shift when using them.

The main feature of our anion sanitary towel is the anion negative chip.It can reduce the smell of the menstrual blood very well and give you a healthy menstrual period.And there is no fluorescent agent in the basic raw materials,so you can use it with confidence.

The organic cotton sanitary towel is made of pure cotton raw the cotton surface layer makes the product friendly to all skins.The product is 10 times more breathable than traditional sanitary napkins.The Janpan’s sumitomo SAP instantly absorb and lock the water very well.

The bamboo fiber has better antibacterial effect compared with normal sanitary napkins.So the bamboo fiber surface layer is more antibacterial.The individually packaged make the product hygienic and portable,and the product is comfortable relaxing and high absorption.

The last one is biodegradable sanitary napkin.All materials are eco-friendly so it can protect the environment very well.But there have some particular requests about the MOQ of some aspects materials.

For one series,we have different lengths for you to choose.Samples are acceptable if you need to try or test.