Company News 15.May.2023

How To Choose Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins are mainly used as sanitary products for women's menstrual period.It is divided into three layers:surface layer,absorbent core and bottom layer from the inside to the outside.There are two"ears"on the side,which are mainly used to prevent side leakage.When using,first tear off the middle paper tape,and stick the glued side first.To the middle of the underwear,the two"ears"can be glued firmly to the narrowest part of the crotch.

sanitary napkin

As the hygiene products that girls need to use every month,how should we choose when we buy them?

1.Look at the packaging of the sanitary napkin

In some cases,disposable soft sanitary napkins may be stored in less hygienic locations,so packaging and tightness are important for all sanitary napkins.

2.Look at the material of the sanitary napkin

There are many sanitary napkins on the market that are made of synthetic materials that contain different kinds of chemicals that can cause irritation.What's more important is the superficial layer,as it comes into direct contact with sensitive skin.In this case,cotton sanitary napkins should be chosen,rather than plastic or other synthetic materials.

3.Look at the water absorption of the sanitary napkin

Absorbency is also an important feature of choice when you are shopping for a sanitary napkin.If you take a look at the packaging,you will find some indication of how good the absorption rate of the product is.If your menstrual flow is always excessive and you are prone to side leakage at night,it is very necessary to choose a sanitary napkin with strong water absorption!

4.Look at the bottom layer of the sanitary napkin

When choosing a sanitary napkin,it's not just the top layer that matters,but the bottom layer as well.Breathable should be chosen whenever possible,as it determines your health and comfort.Most of the bacteria that cause problems for women are found in a windless,humid and hot environment,which is the best environment for bacteria to grow,which is why women who use sanitary pads regularly face rashes and irritations.Therefore,it is particularly important to choose a sanitary napkin with good air permeability.

sanitary napkin