Company News 15.May.2023

Do You Know The Best-Selling Products For Menstrual Periods

Disposable menstrual pants are a kind of sanitary napkins,which are pants-type sanitary napkins.Many girls are often deeply troubled by the side leakage of sanitary napkins when they are in the special period every month,and they are often worried that some of their big movements accidentally stain their clothes and sheets.If you use menstrual pants,you can get better protection without leakage,which is a good solution to this problem.It is very convenient to take off the disposable menstrual pants and throw them away.

Advantages of menstrual pants:

1.Large suction capacity,no re-seepage,no peculiar smell

2.Underpants design,good adhesion with no shift

3.The surface layer is soft and breathable,and heat and moisture are quickly discharged.

4.Leave no gaps,prevent leakage and avoid embarrassment

menstrual pants

Menstrual pants suitable for people:

1.Women with heavy menstrual flow

Some female friends have a lot of menstrual flow,and ordinary sanitary napkins are often not well absorbed,and side leakage will occur if they are not careful.Especially when sleeping at night,using pants-type sanitary napkins can solve this problem.


A lot of lochia will be discharged from the vagina after a woman has given birth.At this time,it may be difficult to absorb the blood with ordinary sanitary napkins,and pant-type sanitary napkins have better absorption capacity and are suitable for postpartum use.

3.Women who exercise outdoors

Some female friends also like to do some outdoor activities during their menstrual period.If you use ordinary sanitary napkins,you will inevitably have the risk of soiling your clothes,and it is much safer to use pants-type sanitary napkins.

menstrual pants