Company News 15.May.2023

Do You Know Bamboo Sanitary Napkin Pads

Bamboo fiber sanitary napkins are feminine products made of bamboo fibers.They take advantage of the extremely fast water absorption and conduction properties of bamboo fibers.

The difference between bamboo fiber sanitary napkins and ordinary sanitary napkins:

First:The main material of bamboo fiber sanitary napkins is bamboo fiber,and the main material of ordinary sanitary napkins is non-woven fabric.

natural bamboo sanitary pads

Second:The breath ability of bamboo fiber is 3.5 times stronger than that of cotton,and it is known as the"breathable fiber".Therefore,the breath ability of bamboo fiber sanitary napkins is much better than that of ordinary sanitary napkins,and there is no feeling of covering.

Third:The cross-section of the bamboo fiber is uneven and deformed,which can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water.Therefore,the hygroscopicity of bamboo fiber sanitary napkins is particularly good.Generally,two sheets per day are enough.

Fourth:Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial,anti-mite,and anti-odor drug properties,which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria,clean the air around the human body,and prevent infectious diseases.

Fifth:The chlorophyll and sodium copper chlorophyll in the bamboo fiber have a good deodorizing effect,and when used in sanitary napkin products,it can effectively remove acetonide and odor.

Sixth:Bamboo fiber has cotton-like softness,silk-like smoothness,soft and close to the skin,and skin-friendly.Bamboo fiber sanitary napkins have excellent skin-friendliness,soft touch,smooth and delicate,soft and light,which greatly improves sanitary napkins.Comfort during use.

bamboo sanitary napkin

Seventh:The unit fineness of bamboo fiber is very fine,which is one-fifth of ordinary cotton fiber.Therefore,sanitary napkins made of bamboo fiber can be thinner,and the thickness can be less than 1 mm.It is almost impossible to feel its existence during use.

Eighth:Bamboo cellulose,bamboo honey,and pectin have the effects of moisturizing the skin and anti-fatigue.The use of bamboo fiber sanitary napkins can relieve women's various discomforts during menstruation.

Ninth:The UV penetration rate of bamboo fiber is 0.6%,which is 41.6 times that of cotton.Bamboo fiber has no free charge,is antistatic,and relieves itching.

Tenth:Bamboo fiber is a truly environmentally friendly green product,no pollution,bamboo fiber is 100%biodegradable,bamboo fiber sanitary napkins burn without black smoke and odor,no chars after burning,only a small amount of powder.

bamboo sanitary napkin