Company News 15.May.2023

Application Of Non-Woven Fabric

Non-woven filter material

Filter material has become an important product indispensable in modern society.As a new type of filter material,non-woven filter material is gradually replacing traditional textile filter material with its unique three-dimensional three-dimensional network structure,uniform pore distribution,good filter performance,low cost,and multiple varieties,and has become the leading product of filter media,and its development speed Extremely fast.

Geosynthetics is a high-tech,high value-added industrial textile material with a wide range of uses.Non-woven geotextiles mainly include:spunbonded geotextiles,short fiber needle-punched geotextiles,hot-melt bonded geotextiles,geonets and grids,geomembranes,and composite geotextiles.Geotextile has the functions of reinforcement,isolation,filtration,drainage and seepage prevention in geotechnical construction.

Non-woven fabrics for medical and health use

Medical non woven fabric material is a product with development potential.It gives full play to the advantages of fiber as a health care material.this industrial spunlace nonwoven is a product of emerging industrial disciplines formed by the integration and intersection of multiple disciplines and technologies.Including surgical gowns,protective clothing,disinfection wraps,masks,diapers,civilian wipes,wiping cloths,wet face towels,magic towels,soft towel rolls,beauty products,sanitary napkins,sanitary pads,and disposable sanitary cloths.

Agricultural non-woven fabrics have long service life,good effects,and low investment.Popularizing the use of wholesale agriculture non woven fabric is conducive to the promotion of agricultural modernization.The main agricultural uses are mat,heat insulation,heat preservation,wind barrier,fruit protection,prevention of diseases and insect pests,seedling cultivation,seeding,covering,etc.

Non-woven fabrics for clothing

The non-woven fusible interlining used for clothing has the characteristics of light weight,softness,low cost,wide range of thickness variation,strong adaptability,non-directional fiber arrangement,and great flexibility,etc.,and it is easy to be compatible with various fabrics.Including lining,fusible interlining,wadding,shaped cotton,various synthetic leather base fabrics,etc.

Home decoration,daily necessities and packaging materials

Mainly refers to the lining cloth of sofa and bed,curtains and curtains,table cloth,household appliance cover cloth,suit cover,car interior decoration,car protective cover,wipe cloth,equipment material and commodity packaging cloth,etc.

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