Health Care 02.Aug.2023

Finding The Ideal Pad For Heavy Flow

We all know that menstruation flow varies from person to person. Every girl has a unique flow. Periods can last about 3 to 5 days, sometimes up to 7 days. The average volume of menstrual fluid lost every cycle ranges from 5 to 80 mL. Heavy menstrual bleeding is when one loses over 80 mL of menstrual fluid per cycle.

In some cases, women experience heavy bleeding due to hormonal imbalance or some underlying disease like Menorrhagia or Von Willebrand disease. Women who experience severe bleeding often struggle with finding the correct sanitary napkin fit. If you’re one of them, look no further.

Here are some things you must consider while choosing a sanitary pad.

Choose a breathable pad that is soft and comfortable against your skin. Look for cotton pads made with natural materials like JR pads. They are free of harsh chemicals and do not cause rashes or irritation.

Go for longer pads like JR Super XL+ because they offer extra protection against leakage. They are 323mm long and provide maximum coverage to your intimate area.

There is a misconception that these extra-large pads cost a fortune. However, that is not the case with JR AntiBacterial Super XL+ pads that are highly cost effective.

Rashes and infections are quite common during summers due to heat and sweat. For someone who experiences heavy flow, Cool Freshness pads can offer respite during hotter seasons. JR Cool pads keep you feeling fresh and dry all through the flow.

Choose pads that come with a deep absorbent sheet like JR Bodyfit. They absorb leakage till the last layer to ensure that the top sheet remains dry and fresh.

Heavy flow or not, always go for pads with an anti-bacterial sheet. JR AntiBacteria Super XL+ provides extra protection against bacteria and period smell.

Feel worry-free even during heavy flow days with the right sanitary pad.