Health Care 01.Aug.2023

Which Is The Right Pad For Sensitive Skin

You browse through everything on the label while choosing your skin creams and shampoos.But why not when it comes to your sanitary napkins?

It’s really not your fault.Most of us ladies never received proper education about which pads are right for our skin type.But it’s important to know since choosing the pad that’s best for us can save us from skin irritation,inflammation and rashes.

Several factors should be taken into consideration while choosing the right pad for your sensitive skin:-

1.Quality Material

Choose only those pads whose material is gentle on the skin.So,go for pads made of hypoallergenic materials.This material is free from fragrances dyes,and harsh chemicals that cause skin irritation.Opt for cotton pads as they are breathable,absorbent,and natural.Or you can choose those pads whose material and texture should be soft and delicate so that your vagina should breathe.So next time when you go for errands you should keep this point in your mind.


Your body needs all the protection it can get from bad bacteria drawing your periods.That’s why it’s important to choose pads that fight germs and have high absorption capacity.Now what happens during summer is that due to tight clothing or wearing panties,excessive seating happens which is the root cause of germination and bacteria.These bacteria as a result cause infection and skin irritation.So it is necessary for you to choose only those pads which can prevent bacteria.That way,you can feel fresh for hours.Sofy has introduced its AntiBacteria Extra Long 290 MM Pads which have Deep Absorbent Sheets that prevent leakage and give long lasting protection from bacteria.These pads also have natural herbs so you don’t have to worry about stinky odour and it also provides 99.9%bacteria protection.

3.Shape and size

As we all know,every body type is unique,and every body type is different.That’s why,there’s a size for everybody.Choose pads with wider wings and width for days with heavy flow and regular-sized ones for the rest.Because if it does not absorb properly,infections and rashes could trouble you.Sofy Anti Bacteria Super XL+-323 MM or you can opt for Sofy Cool SuperXL+which is of the same size so that your vaginal area should be covered plentifully.The wings

All in all,by experimenting with pads of different materials and sizes,you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your skin.