Health Care 31.Jul.2023

4 Ways Tampons Can Be Lifesavers

What’s your period like? Do you have easy period days that last less than 5 days? Or do you often wake up to sheets that resemble a crime scene? Either way, when it comes to periods, pads are the first choice that comes to our minds. However, there are so many other sanitary products that most of us have never even considered. Tampons are one of them.

Many of us are still unaware of tampons and how they’re used. Today, we are going to discuss tampons, a feminine hygiene product used during menstruation. Tampons are cylindrical and small in size. Unlike sanitary pads, tampons don’t need to be stuck to the underwear. They need to be inserted into the vagina through a little string at the end so you can pull it out when you think you need to change it or it got filled. 2 types of tampons are brought by JR first one is Soft Regular Tampons and Soft Tampons Super. You can choose according to your menstrual flow and need.

Tampons, much like pads, come in different sizes. You can choose the size or level of absorbency based on your flow. The best part? Tampons allow flexibility and freedom of movement, even during heavy flow days. Tampons also reduce the risk of smell, skin irritation, and inflammation. 

Here are reasons why you should consider using tampons.

1. Convenience

Tampons are considered to be extremely convenient to use. They are tiny, cylindrical, and can easily be carried in a purse or pocket. JR tampons come with a compact applicator which makes them easier to insert than other tampons. Tampons are the perfect sanitary product for women and girls who are always on the go.

2. Flexibility 

As we know, every woman has a different period flow. The women of today, in particular, stay physically active as well. Tampons allow flexibility of movement, no matter the flow. JR tampons also keep you fresh and worry-free throughout a busy day. The best part? You can go swimming all you want when you use tampons.

3. Invisibility

Sanitary pads can be bulky or visible through tight clothing like skinny jeans or gym wear. With women who wear tampons, this is not a concern at all. When inserted properly, tampons cannot be felt or seen through clothing.

4. Comfort

When you wear pads, it sometimes shifts or gets bundled up but tampons don’t which makes the experience so much more comfortable.  

We hope you have a better idea about your preference. Whatever you choose, it is important to ensure that you use the products carefully, correctly, and with proper hygiene. Don’t forget to wash your hands after and before insertion and removal and change tampons every 6-8 hours to avoid infections.