Health Care 28.Jul.2023

What Should A First-Timer Know About Period Pads

If you are reading this, you are probably someone who gets jitters as soon as you hear the word ‘period’. Your friends may have had their first periods, and now you are afraid that you, too, will start yours soon. The good news is that there is no reason to worry. Menstruating is a sign that your body is healthy and is acting as it should. Periods are easy to deal with if you’re simply well-informed.

We understand that as you wait for your first period, you must have many questions and doubts in your mind, like what does a period feel like, what to do when it happens, or what I should use. But do not panic. You are not alone in this. We will help you listen to your body and make things simpler.

What happens when you menstruate?

As soon as you hit puberty, your body experiences hormonal changes. A period or menstruation happens when the uterus sheds its lining which is discarded by the body along with some blood.

While everyone faces different symptoms, some common symptoms include stomach cramps, bleeding from the vagina, backache, mood swings, dizziness, breast tenderness, diarrhea or nausea, and sometimes pain in the lower body. An average menstrual cycle lasts for about 3-5 days every month.

How to prepare for periods?

Prepping up for a period may seem like preparing for an exam, but it is less complicated than you think.

Find your Period Professor

Your period professor or guide could be your mom, sister, friend, or anyone you trust. Find someone with whom you can talk about your body changes and understand more about periods. Period education is a must for everyone. You may explore JR Period Education on the JR website to learn more about periods.

Learn about sanitary care products and keep them handy

There are a variety of menstrual products available in the market. Test and try them all you want and zero in on the sanitary care products that are the most comfortable for you. You may explore JR’s wide range of sanitary pads available that are comfortable, safe, and protect you from bacteria.

Do not hesitate

If you get your first period unexpectedly, find an elder and ask for a sanitary pad. Don’t forget, this is your journey to womanhood, and you should feel splendid about it.

The more you understand about your body, the more healthy your choices will be. In case you still feel awkward talking about it to your friends or family, we are here. Connect with JR experts online for all period knowledge, and don’t let the red period give you any blues.