Health Care 27.Jul.2023

Which Are The Best Tampons For Periods And Why

The 3-5 days of menstruation can get quite unpleasant. Sometimes, you wake up to a bed that looks like it’s from a crime scene. Sometimes, you end up in embarrassing situations because of spotting and leakage.

What makes it worse is not being able to engage in activities you love. While sanitary pads give you complete protection, they may restrict you in some situations. If you are someone who’s always on the move, is passionate about sports, and loves to go for a swim now and then, you should make tampons your best friend.

Tampons are tiny cotton pads that fit perfectly once inserted into the vagina. Going to a beach? Use a tampon. Wearing a tight-fit dress? Use a tampon. Tampons are small and can easily fit inside our pockets, and used whenever period comes knocking at your door.

Just like pads, tampons also come in different sizes, from light-flow tampons to heavy-flow tampons. You can choose as per your menstrual day and flow. But how do you find the best tampon for yourself?

Always check the material of the tampons.

Ensure that there are no chemicals used.

See if the tampon comes with or without an applicator.

Most importantly, choose the tampon size as per your flow.

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