Health Care 26.Jul.2023

Why Wear Panty Liners

Panty liners have been around for quite some time now. However, there still isn’t enough clarity on what panty liners are used for and how.

So, what is a panty liner?

A panty liner is a thinner and smaller version of a pad worn to absorb discharge or unexpected spotting on non-period days. It ensures that you feel fresh, hygienic, and dry. At the same time, it also protects clothes from getting stained, keeps the moisture away, and ensures you stay refreshed.

What is the use of panty liners?

To absorb discharge

Vaginal discharge is our body’s way of keeping the vagina healthy. All women at some point experience discharge. For some, it may be produced occasionally while others may experience discharge every day. Either way, here is where a panty liner comes as a savior. It ensures that you feel fresh and dry.

For premenstrual and post-menstrual discharge

During and after menstruation, women often experience yellowish or brownish vaginal discharge, often referred to as premenstrual or post-menstrual discharge. Panty liners work well in absorbing them.

In case of urinary leakage

Panty liners are ideal for absorbing urine leakage suffered by women with urinary incontinence.

Unexpected period spotting

Oftentimes, our period plays tricks on us. Just as we think that our period is over and we can stop wearing the pad, we resume bleeding. In times like this, wearing a panty liner helps.

For days leading up to the period

If your menstrual cycle is erratic or unpredictable, it is advised to wear a panty liner right when you sense your period approaching. This way, you can avoid surprises and prevent your clothes from getting stained or soiled.

Now that we know of the many ways a panty liner can come in handy, here is how you can wear one.

Using a panty liner is as easy as using a sanitary napkin. All you have to do is remove the strip and stick it on the panty. It is advisable to change your panty liners every 3-5 hours to reduce the risk of infections.

Everyone is unique and has different needs. JR, as a brand, understands that and thus offers a range of panty liners to choose from. JR has an AntiBacteria pantyliner that helps prevent bacteria. They also offer a Cool pantyliner that provides a cooling effect and menthol freshness. The JR pantyliner ensures that you stay clean and hygienic so you can feel confident without worrying about stains, smell, and that icky-sticky feeling, even on non-period days.