Health Care 26.Jul.2023

How Best To Avoid Period Leakage During Nighttime?

No leakage period pads are life savers. Waking in the middle of the night to change a leaking pad is not unpleasant. Therefore, opting for a pad that is right for your flow is necessary. A long-period pad is a great idea to keep yourself comfortable throughout the night. A long enough pad would provide the coverage necessary to prevent leakage at night. Sleeping with a pad that does not fit well can be a big issue. Adjusting it every few minutes can be frustrating.

Here is how you can avoid leakage during nighttime:

Wear a fresh pad before hitting the bed at night. This would ensure that you feel dry and comfortable as you sleep through the night.

Use overnight period pads. A long overnight pad would be able to absorb a great deal of menstrual blood throughout the night without getting displaced. Try the range of overnight pads by JR.

A wider pad (with wings) would prevent period flow from leaking through the edges.

Wearing a tampon is also a great idea if you plan on sleeping for less than 7-8 hours. A tampon won’t allow the leakage to flow while you change sides in your sleep.

Go for a pad that has a deep absorbent sheet (Like JR Bodyfit sanitary pad), so that your flow is absorbed through the night and you don’t wake up feeling icky, sticky, or uncomfortable.

JR’s range of menstrual hygiene products is made keeping common period woes in mind. From their wide range of varying products, you’ll find a pad that fits just about every requirement. Also, JR’s no-leakage pads come in various sizes, which means there is a pad for every kind of flow.