Health Care 24.Jul.2023

Why Extra-Large Pads Are Ideal?

It is no secret that each one of us experiences periods differently and must look for a sanitary pad that fits our unique needs. However, one rarely ever misses the mark with an extra-large sanitary pad. For all the times that you experience heavy flow and are afraid of period leakage, an extra-large sanitary pad is the way to go. With an extra-large pad, it is ensured that you receive maximum to avoid the ever-dreadful period leakage.

Here is why an extra-large sanitary pad is the best bet for all women during heavy periods:

An extra-large pad provides the coverage necessary to avoid leakage during the days you experience heavy flow.

You must opt for an extra-large overnight pad for nighttime since the pad is more likely to be displaced when we’re asleep. A pad that is extra large in size will keep you comfortable over prolonged periods. You can explore the range of extra-large overnight pads by JR.

JR’s extra-large pads come with an antibacterial sheet that protects against bacterial infections.

Ensure that the extra-long pad is made of a soft material, preferably cotton, to avoid rashes and irritation by wearing the pad for a prolonged period.

Your extra-long pad does not have to be extremely thick to be highly absorbent. JR Super XL+ sanitary pads are 323mm long and ultra-slim to ensure that you receive maximum coverage and protection while feeling like you have nothing on.

Check out the entire range of sanitary hygiene products that you need to keep yourself clean, dry, and hygienic even when the menstrual flow is heavy.