Health Care 24.Jul.2023

Why And When To Go For An Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkin?

We know and have experienced how common period leakage is, especially during the initial heavy flow days. Coupled with everything else that a woman goes through during her period, period leakage can be a real nightmare. This is why finding a sanitary napkin that works well for you is essential.

Many women assume that wearing a thick pad would work best against period leakage. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. On the contrary, thick pads can turn out to be uncomfortable, and can also give rise to skin irritations. Furthermore, the absorbency of both pads is the same. A thin sanitary pad, if it is highly absorbent, can take up large amounts of moisture, prevent leakage, and ensure that you’re also truly comfortable during your period.

Let’s talk about what you should look for while buying an ultra-thin sanitary napkin.

First and foremost, remember to change your pad frequently. No pad, of any thickness, should be worn for longer than the recommended duration.

You should go for a long ultra-thin pad. A longer pad would be able to provide the wearer with enhanced protection from leakage. Choose JR’s ultra-slim pads (29 cm) and keep yourself comfortable and fresh during heavy or medium flow. JR Super XL+ has an ultra-slim but 323mm long sheet for extra coverage.

Look for a pad that’s soft but firm. This would prevent the sheet from tearing during frequent movements. A soft pad would also prevent skin irritation caused by wearing a pad for longer durations.

Look for a pad that also has an antibacterial sheet to provide protection against bacterial infections. You could also explore the range of antibacterial pads by JR.

Be very careful whilst buying an ultra-thin sanitary napkin. Not all sanitary napkins within the ultra-thin range are going to be equally effective and efficient. Choose a reliable sanitary napkin brand if you want to stay clean and comfortable during your period.