Health Care 23.Jul.2023

Size Does Matter: Why Go For An Xl Sanitary Pad

Sanitary pads come in various sizes. The size you choose would depend upon your requirements (and personal preferences). It is necessary to choose the right size to avoid the messy and embarrassing situation that follows period leakage. The fear of leakage can be haunting enough to disrupt our mood.

Since all our experiences with periods vary, there are many pad sizes available in the market that can cater to our unique needs.

Here is why you should opt for an extra-large pad:

On days when we experience moderate flow, a regular sanitary pad would be appropriate. On the other hand, an extra-large pad provides you with enhanced coverage for heavy flow days. This would prevent leakage due to the fluids escaping the pad. 

An XL pad would be loose and comfortable on your skin preventing rashes that are caused by wearing ill-fitted pads.

An XL sanitary pad would come in handy at night. The movements during our sleep could displace the pad from its place leading to leakage. JR’s XL+ pads would also come in quite handy if you are looking to stay comfortable and clean during heavy flow days.

Some brands like JR also offer a range of overnight pads that are longer and wider at the hip to prevent leakage at night.

It is perfectly normal to switch between sizes as per your need. Keep yourself fresh and comfortable with JR’s menstrual hygiene products. They offer a range of XL sanitary pads that also come with an anti-bacterial sheet to provide protection against unwanted bacterial infections. Explore their range of menstrual hygiene products today.