Health Care 23.Jul.2023

What Makes A Good Panty Liner

If you’re wondering what pantyliners are, they are your favourite trouser’s best friend. Many a time has it prevented unexpected leakage from ruining our outfits. Pantyliners are thinner and shorter pads that absorb unexpected discharge or spotting on non-period days. Some of us wear pantyliners on the days leading up to our period to eliminate surprise while others wear them more often.

When should you wear a panty liner?

A panty liner is meant to keep you dry and fresh all day. While it is absolutely fine to wear a pantyliner on all non-period days, there are several instances where you must not go without them.

Wear panty liner before and after your period. That is the time you’re most likely to experience spotting.

During a workout – heavy lifting, jumping, skip-roping, and such activities can lead to discharge.

A pantyliner also comes in handy while you’re travelling and want to ensure that icky-sticky leakage does not ruin your day.

How to choose the right panty liner?

If you intend on buying a panty liner for the first time, there are several things you must keep in mind.

A panty liner must feel light, breathable, and soft if it is to be used for daily use. A panty liner should not cause rashes or irritation.

Look for an anti-bacterial panty liner. JR AntiBacterial panty liners are made with a thin, anti-bacterial sheet that provides protection from bacterial infections.

You can also opt for a panty liner with a natural fragrance, like the JR Pantyliner that prevents unpleasant odour.

There are some other things you must keep in mind while using a panty liner. It is not advisable to wear a panty liner overnight. Furthermore, you must change your panty liners every 3-5 hours as it lowers the risk of infections. JR is the best panty liner brand in India as it is not only effective but also affordable.