Health Care 22.Jul.2023

Choosing The Right Sanitary Pad

Choosing the right sanitary pad can be a real task. You will find several brands and products in the market. There are 10,000 brands and products that’ll meet the eye when you start searching for a sanitary pad. Therefore, it is difficult to choose a single brand whilst buying the best sanitary pad.

Choosing the best sanitary pad is not as difficult once you find sanitary products that work for you and your body. Here’s what you need to remember while finding a brand that fits your needs.

Search for a reliable  vendor and seller of sanitary pads. If you are buying sanitary pads for the first time, then hold a lengthy chat with a woman who has been buying sanitary pads for a considerable amount of time.

Explore sanitary pad sizes before you make your choice. There are several sizes available in the market from regular to extra-large. Check out JR’s Sanitary Pads  as these come in various sizes.

Most women look for fragrant pads like JR pads to keep themselves fresh and hygienic even if the pad is required to be worn for a little longer than expected.

It is advised to go for soft pads that aren’t harsh on the skin. Using such pads would keep rashes and skin irritations at bay.

Plus, do make sure that the portal you’re choosing provides refunds and/or replacements. In this way, you will be able to get the pad replaced in case it doesn’t suit you.

JR has some of the best cotton pads that you can buy at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter what your needs and requirements are, JR has always got you covered. JR’s pads come with a specialized anti-bacterial layer. This layer will help keep the wearer clean and infection free even during heavy flow.