Health Care 22.Jul.2023

How to Define A Good Sanitary Pad

Periods come with the unexpected. Unexpected mood swings. Unexpected pimples on your face. Unexpected leakage? Not if you have a sanitary pad that you can rely on. Finding a good sanitary pad is of utmost importance if you are looking to keep yourself fresh and active throughout the day. There are too many options for sanitary pads in the market but finding the one that’s right for you is essential.

Here are the qualities that you must consider when choosing a sanitary pad.


The absorbing capacity of your pad would determine if it’s a deep absorbent pad or a regular pad. A pad that doesn’t absorb well would allow the risk of leakage. You must opt for a deep absorbent pad if you experience heavy flow. JR pads have a deep absorbent sheet that prevents leakage even when the flow’s heavy.

Length of the Pad

Pick the right napkin as per your flow. Period flow in the initial few days of your period is usually heavier. Thus, to avoid leakage, you must use pads that are long enough to prevent leakage. With a length of 323 mm, the JR’s AntiBacteria Super XL+ provides extra coverage for those extra heavy days.

Furthermore, longer pads are often used overnight to prevent back leakage as we lie down. In this case, you can explore the range of JR Overnight pads.

The Material

The type of material affects breathability. Cotton pads like JR cotton pads are softer and provide more comfort. Since the skin around our intimate areas is highly sensitive, we must choose a material that isn’t prone to cause itching or rashes.


Your lifestyle also affects the pad you must choose for yourself. For someone that lives a busy lifestyle, filled with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you must look for a pad that is extra-absorbent, provides coverage, and does not displace from its place.

JR is a name one can trust. From their range of sanitary napkins, you can choose pads that suit you and your lifestyle. Their pads help you feel dry and fresh all day and ensure that you have a hygienic period.