Health Care 21.Jul.2023

5 Common Causes Of Spotting Between Periods

Vaginal bleeding or spotting is a common thing between periods. It generally looks like a drop or two of blood on your underwear or toilet paper. Sometimes, if you experience spotting, it might look like you just had your period.

Generally, you don’t need to worry if you experience spotting between periods. However, spotting can indicate a sign of an underlying health condition in case other symptoms are present.

In this blog, you can learn the most common reasons for spotting between periods and what to use in such a situation:

Types of bleeding between periods:

• Spotting:

When you see a red or brown tinge on the toilet paper or your underwear it’s most likely spotting. You can use JR Antibacteria Pantyliners if you experience spotting during periods. #StopTheSpot

• Light bleeding:

You may also experience light bleeding just before or after your period. Even if your period is over, you may experience very light red or brownish discharge for a few days. You can use JR Cool Pantyliners if you experience light bleeding.

• Breakthrough bleeding:

If you are taking oral contraceptives, you can experience breakthrough bleeding. When your estrogen levels are low, you can experience this kind of bleeding in between periods.

• Abnormal bleeding:

If you experience heavy bleeding that requires you to use a sanitary pad that happens outside of your cycle, you need to consult an OBGYN near you. This kind of bleeding is not caused by hormonal birth control pills.

Common causes of spotting and light bleeding:

1. Pregnancy

Spotting during pregnancy can indicate implantation bleeding, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and abortion.

2. Birth Control

Your birth control method can cause bleeding between periods. If you are using oral contraceptives or Intrauterine devices, you may experience occasional spotting. You can use JR Daily Pantyliners to prevent spotting. #StopTheSpot

3. Hormonal Conditions

If you have hormone-related conditions like Thyroid, Polycystic ovary syndrome, and Perimenopause, you might be more likely to experience spotting between periods.

4. Common Infections

If you have any infection in your vagina, cervical, or uterine area, sexually transmitted diseases, or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, you may experience light bleeding between periods.

5. Other Causes

You may also experience spotting between periods due to other causes like Endometriosis, sexual trauma, uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, uterine sarcoma, ovarian cancer, vaginal cancer, certain medications (anticoagulants and tamoxifen), gynecological procedures, urethral prolapse or uterine polyps.

Use JR Pantyliners if you experience light spotting in between periods. JR Pantyliners are also great for absorbing any vaginal discharge to help you feel fresh and comfortable.