Health Care 20.Jul.2023

5 Menstrual Hygiene Tips Every Woman Should Know | JR Antibacteria Pads

Whether you just started having your periods or have had monthly cycles for years, menstrual hygiene tips will help you. Practicing period hygiene can help you stay healthy. Here are five ways to maintain menstrual hygiene practices:

1. Choose the best feminine products

The best way is to buy the best feminine hygiene products out there. Check out the range of sanitary napkins that JR offers. Use JR Antibacteria napkins and prevent leakage. You can also use JR Antibacteria overnight pads while sleeping at night. Enjoy an odorless period with JR No Smell Period Pads.

Whether you are at your workplace or at home, practice hygienic ways of disposing of sanitary napkins. Always use a disposable paper bag to put the used pad and then dispose of it in a covered .

2. Use a Feminine Hygiene Wash

It is best to avoid the intimate scented washes. Instead, choose a PH balanced natural intimate wash. You don’t want to use an intimate chemical wash as it might irritate your vaginal area. You can use this intimate wash up to two times a day during your periods.

3. Shower Daily

It is better to take a shower every day when you have your period. Use a gentle natural soap while showering. A hot shower or soaking in Epsom salts can help relieve menstrual cramps during periods.

4. Change Your Bottomwear Daily

It is a good hygiene practice to change your underwear daily while you are on your period. You can use cotton bottom wears instead of lace bottom wears. Cotton bottom wears are more breathable.

5. Natural Ways to Avoid Smell

The menstruation odor is caused by a combination of blood, bacteria, and sweat. This is normal, and you can use JR AntiBacteria pads to have an odorless period.

These are some of the best menstrual hygiene tips that you can use during your monthly cycle.