Health Care 19.Jul.2023

3 Sample Meals To Order While Eating Out During Your Period

It is good to be active and continue with your usual plans even during your period. If you have severe pain or PMS symptoms, you might want to rest at home; otherwise, you can hang out, meet your friends for lunch, or just eat out at your favourite cafe.

While those wild cravings are raging, you don’t want to eat food that is not good for you. In all cases, avoid food with preservatives, trans fat, and MSG as it will lead to hormone imbalance and inflammation.

Wondering what food and beverages to enjoy while eating out during your periods? Check out these food items to enjoy guilt-free from any menu:

1. Wholewheat Bread with Avocados & Eggs – A healthy breakfast

If you want to stop by at your favourite cafe for breakfast, you want to have something healthy as well as delicious. Order a wholewheat sourdough toast topped with avocados and a fried egg with some fresh orange juice or green tea on the side. Besides being delicious, this breakfast is rich in protein, fiber, iron, etc. Some other healthy breakfasts to eat at a restaurant are:

Buckwheat pancakes with strawberry compote (without sugar)

Spinach, mushroom, & cheddar omelette

2. Salmon in Mustard & Capers Sauce w/ Leafy Greens – A wholesome lunch

Enjoy a delicious fresh salmon fillet with mustard, dill, and caper sauce, served with mixed lettuce salad on the side. This lunch is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and great for your health. Some other healthy lunches to order at a restaurant are:

Chicken steak with grilled vegetables & mashed potatoes

Wholewheat falafel wrap with a side of hummus

3. Chicken Thai Green Curry w/ Brown Rice – A satisfying dinner

While eating out with your friends for dinner at a restaurant, you can order a fragrant chicken Thai green curry with steamed brown rice. Some other healthy dinners to order at a restaurant are:

Chickpea & vegetable curry with lemon millets

Chicken noodle soup with sourdough breadsticks

If you are stopping at a restaurant for snacks, you can order a fresh fruit parfait made with Greek yogurt, unsweetened granola, and fresh blueberries. For desserts, you want to avoid the excessive sugary ones and go for desserts that are sweetened with maple syrup or jaggery. So, the next time you stop at a cafe or restaurant during your period, enjoy eating these meals that will add health to your body.