Health Care 18.Jul.2023

7 Feminine Hygiene Hacks For The Summer Months

During the summers, ladies need to take extra care of their bodies. It is a good idea to take care of feminine hygiene during the hot summers regularly.

If you do not maintain proper feminine hygiene, it can lead to bacterial infection, itching or burning sensation, yeast infection, etc. Naturally, the vagina is designed to maintain a certain PH balance and has numerous good bacteria. It is important to maintain a good PH level to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria. Here are some of the top feminine hygiene hacks to adopt this summer:

1. Stay hydrated

Especially during the summers, you need to stay hydrated with lots of water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to flush out toxins from the body and maintain your body’s pH balance. Enjoy drinking flavoured water with fresh berries and herbs.

2. Cotton bottom wear

During the summer season, you want to switch to cotton undergarments, especially panties. Cotton clothes that include cotton bottom wear are comfortable during the summer. Cotton is a breathable fabric that helps keep skin clean & dry. This is not the season to wear lacy undergarments that can cause itching and skin irritation.

3. Replace towels often

Use clean towels made with natural material, and do not share your towel with anyone. For better hygiene, replace your towels with washed and cleaned ones every few days.

4. Natural feminine hygiene products

Wash your intimate area with water daily while taking a shower. You can choose natural feminine hygiene products to gently clean your vagina. Choose a chemical-free, soap-free intimate wash to maintain the neutral pH of the vagina. You can always wash, clean, and pat dry your intimate area after gym, swimming, or playing any sport. You can use Sofy AntiBacteria sanitary napkin during your periods.

5. Pubic hair

While it is your choice to shave or not to shave the pubic hair, you should maintain all feminine hygiene practices always. However, pubic hair prevents yeast infection, vaginitis, and UTIs by protecting against bad bacteria and pathogens from entering the vagina.

6. Rethink your diet

Certain acidic foods and beverages like alcohol, tea, coffee can cause pH imbalance and a foul odor in the intimate area. Increase the intake of fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kefir in your diet.

7. Say no to tight clothing

During the summer, you may get sweaty if you wear tight and fitting clothes. Excessive sweat and body heat can lead to itching and skin rashes near the vaginal area. Switch to a comfortable dressing made with cotton or linen during the summer months.

These are some of the top hacks for excellent feminine hygiene practices during the summertime.