Health Care 17.Jul.2023

Sleep All Night With These Comfortable Sleeping Positions During Periods

Sleeping during periods might not be that comfortable especially if you have cramps. You want to have a good night’s sleep even when on periods. These are no magical sleeping positions but you will feel comfortable when you are having your periods. 

Apart from sleeping well, you can drink some warm chamomile tea just before sleeping. Create an ambiance to help you fall asleep quickly. For a peaceful night of sleep during your periods, always use Sofy Antibacteria Overnight Sanitary Pads. Diffuse some essential oils in a humidifier or electric diffuser. Turn the lights off and make your bed comfy. Here are the best sleeping positions for you to try during your period:

Sleeping with a pillow between the knees

This is a very comfortable position to sleep on your side. Just turn on your side and put a comfy pillow in between your knees. Keep your spine straight instead of curving it. Make sure to sleep on a comfortable pillow for good neck and head support.

Sleeping in a fetal position

You must have seen a fetus in the womb and this is the position to try during the period. When you sleep in this position, your abdominal muscles relax, and you will get much relief from period cramps.

Sleeping on your back

It can be extremely relaxing to sleep on your back. Your back needs rest and when you are on your periods, you should always try sleeping on your back. You can enjoy a heating pad on your back and lie on your back for some time. Just remember, not to go to sleep with the heating pad on. 

Here are a few more tips for you to help you have a sound sleep:

Invest in a good-quality heating pad.

Get some comfortable pillows and body pillows.

Have a few sets of comfy night jammies.

Keep a cozy blanket to keep you warm if you feel cold at night.

Wear Sofy Antibacteria Overnight Sanitary Pads to sleep well without worrying for any leakage.

Next time, you have your periods, try out these sleeping positions for a comfortable night of sleep.