Health Care 16.Jul.2023

How To Manage Work-Life Balance During Period?

Between parenting, running errands, and working, having your period can seem to be a bit overwhelming. Work-Life Balance is not an unattainable myth for women. We are about to show you some practical steps to manage a work-life balance. Working women are encouraged to maintain a balance between work and home life. You can seek help from others in your work and ask your family members to help with household chores. 

If you tend to get extra-overwhelmed about having periods and having to work on those days, these tips will help you:

Prioritize Self Care

Self-care is not an option during your period. If you can manage to leave for the first day, spend the day relaxing, take a warm salt bath, or do anything that will help you. If you are working, take breaks to rest physically and ask your team if the workload can be adjusted for a day.

Set Clear Boundaries

Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean that you work 24/7. Especially, during periods, finish your work in time and then disconnect with work. Give yourself some extra grace and patience during this time. 

Take Regular Breaks

Did you know that taking breaks can boost your productivity? When you’re working from home it can be more difficult to find those break times during periods. Put break time on your to-do list and hold yourself accountable if you don’t take it. 

Enjoy Some Activity You Love

When you get a lunch break, enjoy it with your family, and then go back to work. Do things that will bring down your work stress like diffusing some lavender essential oil or orange essential oil. Don’t push yourself during your periods to work extra hard! 

These are some of the tips that you can incorporate in your life to manage a better work-life balance during your period.