Health Care 16.Jul.2023

Managing Period At Your WorkPlace: A Complete Guide

It’s a Monday morning, you are super swamped with work with meetings queuing one after another and top it all. The not-so-pretty period has made it a day early and now you’re wondering if it’s just a bad day or a bad life. That’s pretty much what it feels like to have your period at your workplace and man! Productivity goes out of the window while your mood goes for a nice swing. It’s really difficult and a working day looks like a really long day loaded with a plethora of problems that you can’t handle but let us tell you, girl, all you need to do is just take a chill pill and always have a plan when Miss. Flowy walks in with you at work.

Now that we have quite a descriptive picture of how a bad period day can turn into a period drama at the office, let’s look at a few ways to how you can manage it like a pro. Wondering where’s the plan we were talking about above? Here it is,

P for Period Math and Planning:

Sometimes, we do not get alarms and end up having the period all of a sudden. But, that’s just life throwing curveballs at us, right? Well, even if you do not realize before the period happened, at least try to memorize the date and plan it accordingly. Carry your tampon or pad so that you do not have to go looking for these for your colleagues. When you know you’re approaching your period date, have a plan at hand. You could also slip in tampons/pads/panty liners in your desk drawers and if you are out of them, ask for help without being awkward, maybe? Plan a ‘sudden period’ and you’re good to go.

Stay Active and Hydrate Yourself:

It’s really important to stay active and not sit in one place all day on your period. This makes you focus a little too much on uncomfort and less on your work even if you try hard to. The key is to stay hydrated and stay active. It’s common to feel anxious, irritated and stressed during your cycle, so confirm you’re taking any time to relax out. This will assist you to feel more comfortable, and assist you to be less cranky. Doing some walking around the office, sitting in a comfortable posture, or listening to your favorite music may help you to relax. Your period is when you need to be hydrated without fail. Set reminders, take water breaks but do it coz it’s gonna help in your cramps and prevent you from feeling bloated.

Wear Comfortable Clothing:

Formals are a thing when it comes to going to work but if you get your period in those pencil skirts and peep-toe heels, it could be a horror story at work. So, when you’re approaching your period and there is something more comfortable than tight formal attire, you ought to wear that cuz comfort is key, ladies. The body needs rest and so does that formal black shirt you wear almost every other day so pull out your comfort zone from your wardrobe when approaching your period.

Keep it Hot:

Heat is your best friend. Stock up on heat pads or brew yourself up a herb tea that you simply can rest on your desk. One thing to note here is to avoid caffeine so start sipping on healthy beverages like Peppermint tea, ginger tea, and green tea as they lower down the intensity of the pain. Green tea comes with added benefits of helping in headaches and bad breath. There are people who black out when going through the pain. So, if you have cramps, get yourself a heating pad as this will give you comfort. The good thing about heat pads is how subtle they’re which suggests you’ll pop one under your clothes and still attend your important meetings.

Keep Your Spirits High:

Enjoy alone time and cherish it. Spend a break with yourself while you sip your hot tea or listen to some music when you feel like not having company. The period may come and go but all that matters is you need to be you so just stay comfortable in your skin and let your spirits up. Ladies! We are used to looking like queens and slaying it at work while we’re having multiple breakdowns so we can definitely face and ace a sudden period at work. Our best advice to you is to slip a sanitary pad in your bag. If you’re looking for something to soothe you and away from bacterial infection, Sofy AntiBacteria pads and Sofy Cool pads can be life-changing for you.