Health Care 16.Jul.2023

5 Menstrual Practices To Adopt During Periods

Period, we all have them and we all deal with them but are we taking enough care of our vaginas all this while? Well, let’s assess that together. With the lack of menstrual hygiene awareness and education, most of us are either confused or unaware about what goes in and around our vaginas. As we grow up, there are a lot of things we learn and a few practices that we need to unlearn. Taking care of your menstrual health isn’t like taking care of your face. Yea, it’s not about figuring out what works for you but about following some unbreakable thumb rules. If you wish for a healthy vagina that doesn’t keep acting up in nasty ways like sudden discharge, irritation, bad odor, and rashes, there are a few non-negotiables you need to take note of. Still, confused if you’re taking good care of your menstrual hygiene while you’re on or off your periods? Here are 5 hygiene habits every woman swears by

Change your pads regularly

Let’s face it, we’re all a little guilty for this one and we hate how it’s true. Wearing a pad for long hours can lead to rashes, irritation, yeast infections and there can be high chances of bad odor as well. If you’re wearing a pad or a pantyliner for more than 6 hours, then you’re likely to develop these symptoms. It is ideal to change pads within 4-5 hours and use sterile/ clean pads to avoid infections and rashes. We know that WFH is making you a lazy panda and procrastination seems like a comfort zone but take the trips to the restroom as cardio, ladies, and hail hygiene.

Wash properly

Your vagina needs extra attention on your period days and requires some extra cleaning as well. Apart from your vagina, it’s really important to wash your hands every time you change your pads or wash down there. Routine baths also help in maintaining good reproductive health. After using the toilet, one rule of thumb-rule is to always wipe front to back and not the other way round. Even better, rinse with warm water to remove unwanted bacteria and pat dry.

All you need is water

YOUR VAGINA IS SELF-CLEANSING, there, we said it. If you’re made to believe that your vagina needs to smell like roses and that you might need fancy soaps and feminine washes for the same, then let us tell you that it’s not at all true. All you need to do is gently wash your vagina with water without being a doucher at that. Douching can disrupt the natural pH balance of your vagina and excess water can cause irritations and discharges.

No tights, please

There are many wonders to being a woman, but deciding what to wear during your period is not one of them. During the monsoon season, wearing pads for long hours can be itchy and uncomfortable. Moisture can promote the growth of bacteria so try to wear clothes that allow the area to breathe. It’s ideal to wear regular fit clothes when suffering from bloating and cramps. Avoid tight-fitting pants that restrict air circulation in the vaginal area. At the same time, It’s really important to keep your pads in one place so you really don’t want to be out and about in dresses and skirts. To sum it up, comfort over anything else, ladies!

Dispose of the right way!

Maintaining menstrual hygiene doesn’t stop at just changing pads regularly but also accounts for disposing of them the right way. One unbreakable rule for this is to never flush your pads but to always bin them. We often don’t respect public restroom etiquettes and neglect the fact that bad disposal of blood-stained pads can put off anybody. When at work or out and about, it’s mandatory to roll used pads in toilet paper and dispose of them in the bin.

Periods can be a hell of a ride that we all have to take once a month. But, look at it this way, that’s a week in a month where you pamper yourself and treat yourself to the fullest. If you’re someone who experiences spotting in the ending days of your periods, Sofy Pantyliners can be a better option than wearing a pad. You’re high maintenance, girl and we know you love that. Sleep your heart out, hydrate yourself, binge eat, binge watch and keep it hygienic, ladies.