Health Care 05.Jul.2023

Curious About What Sanitary Napkins Are Made Of? We Clear The Doubts

You’ve been using them since your prepubescent days, you have sworn by them on the days when your periods have made life uncomfortable for you. Sanitary pads come in all shapes and sizes. But have you ever wondered what materials go into making them the way they are?

The first sanitary pads used by women were made of simple materials and they date back to as back as the 4th Century AD. The women used to use rags to cover their period flows. It was unhygienic and could pose a major threat to the vital organs of the woman. But times have changed since then and we have moved on to much better and extremely safe materials. It is quite natural for you to know what you’re putting on near your privates as they are one of the most sensitive areas of your body.

Sanitary pads use different materials based on the companies that sell them. So you can choose which pads suit you best. Here are a few commonly known materials that sanitary pads are made of.

Wood Pulp Residue

Super Absorbent Polymers

Fragrant Inducing Materials

The absorbent layer is made using various techniques like heat vibrations and ultrasonic vibrations to ensure that there is no leakage.

The materials used for making sanitary napkins are tested for safety and are ensured that they are safe to use.

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