Company News 16.Jun.2023

JR Period Panties: A One-Stop Solution for Comfort and Confidence

JR, a professional manufacturer in the hygiene industry for over 15 years, is renowned for its commitment to providing high-quality and innovative products. With a focus on ODM/OEM services, JR ensures that customers can enjoy a one-stop purchase experience with attractive prices and trust-worthy quality. Whether you are looking for plus size period panties, disposable options, or stylish and comfortable options like Thinx period panties and pink period panties, JR has got you covered.

1. Breaking the Taboo: Thinx Period Panties and More

When it comes to addressing the needs of menstruating individuals, JR understands the importance of offering a diverse range of products. Thinx period panties, known for their stylish designs and innovative technology, are a popular choice among women seeking comfort and leak protection. These panties are specifically designed to absorb menstrual flow, eliminating the need for disposable products. For those looking for a touch of femininity, JR also offers pink period panties, combining functionality with style.

2. All Shapes and Sizes: Best Plus Size Period Panties

JR believes that every body deserves to feel comfortable and confident during their period, regardless of size. That's why they offer a wide range of plus size period panties that are specifically designed to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. Made with soft and breathable fabric, these panties provide maximum comfort and are designed to prevent leaks. With JR, you can find the best plus size period panties that meet your needs without compromising style or quality.

3. Convenience and Hygiene: Disposable Period Panties

While reusable period panties offer long-term benefits, JR also acknowledges the need for disposable options in certain situations. Disposable period panties are ideal for travel, emergencies, or for those who prefer a more hygienic solution for their period. These panties are made with high-quality materials to ensure leak protection and comfort. With JR's disposable period panties, you can have peace of mind and enjoy hassle-free use during your menstrual cycle.


When it comes to period panties, JR emerges as a trustworthy choice due to its extensive experience in the hygiene industry. The company's commitment to offering ODM/OEM services, competitive prices, and excellent quality ensures customer satisfaction. Whether you prefer reusable options like Thinx period panties, feminine designs like pink period panties, convenient disposable solutions, or plus size options, JR's diverse range of period panties caters to all your needs. Trust JR to provide you with the utmost comfort, confidence, and hygiene during your menstrual cycle.