Health Care 04.Aug.2023

Prevent Rashes During And After Periods

Do your periods leave you tending rashes down there every time? We know how irritating and not to mention, uncomfortable it can be.

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

What’s the cause?

Sweat, irritable sanitary products, hormonal fluctuations are just some of the common culprits responsible for rashes during and after periods.

These tips could help you:

Use Breathable Materials

During your periods, try going for only loose-fitted or breathable clothing. Cotton underwear should be your wardrobe staple all year round and especially during periods.

Change Sanitary Products Regularly

Take your hygiene seriously and be rewarded. Changing your pads/tampons every 4-6 hours will prevent bacterial growth and fungus which is the main reason for infection. During the hotter months, you could try JR Cool, India’s first Cool Napkin that’s 290mm long. It provides a sense of coolness for an ‘Irritation Free Period’. It comes in packs of 7, 15, 30, and 54 pads. These pads have menthol freshness which is great in making you feel clean and hygienic. 

Maintaing Hygiene on regular basis

Maintaining hygiene only during periods is not the solution. You have to care for your intimate area on regular days as well to get the best results. The truth is, your vagina can clean itself but you need to wash the intimate area around it regularly with warm water.

Use essential oil

Applying of some oils near vagina can prevent friction of the skin.  Another solution that’s always available in every Indian household is Virgin coconut oil. Apply coconut oil to the affected area to avoid skin friction and infection. You may also use an antihistamine to relieve symptoms of allergies, such as hives, reactions, or skin infections.

Use Antibacterial Sanitary Products

Due to more moisture build-up in intimate areas during periods, infections become more common. However, pads likeJR AntiBacteria 99.9% protect you from bacterial leaks and odour.The Deep Absorbent sheet of the new JR AntiBacteria 99.9% absorbs flow to the final layer, avoiding leakage.It also contains natural herbs that mask unwanted odours, so you feel confident and fresh all day.

Additionally, consult your doctor as soon as possible if conditions prolong for a long time.