Health Care 03.Aug.2023

Ways To Have Easy-Breezy Periods In Summer

Summer is here. Rising temperatures will have an impact on your menstrual cycle and blood flow. According to research, there is a clear link between hot weather and periods. During those hot summer days, your periods can be uncomfortable and may steal your peace of mind. The length of your periods is affected by sun exposure. During summer, periods may also last longer and be more frequent.

Summer can be a difficult time for menstruating women due to increased heat and humidity. More sweat can also lead to bacterial illness and skin-related issues. Summer can exaggerate the symptoms of periods like fatigue, stress, discomfort, and even acne. However, dealing with periods can be made easier by using the right kind of sanitary pads for summer.

Preventing Infection

During menstruation, due to excess sweating and improper airflow, bacteria and germs tend to thrive which can lead to infections around your intimate area. This is where JR AntiBacterial pads come to the rescue. Anti-bacterial pads prevent bacteria and can keep the intimate area clean and dry for a longer period. JR offers anti-bacterial pads that prevent bacteria up to 99.99%.

Reducing Irritation

If the period lasts longer due to summer, the chances of bacteria and fungus can increase. In this case, pads prevent inflammation. Pads containing an anti-bacterial layer, such as JR pads, defend against E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans, ensuring a safe and sanitary period.

Controlling Odour

Menstruation can cause a very unpleasant smell which in turn can cause the birth of many bacteria. But JR AntiBacteria not only prevents bacteria, but also contains the smell of herbs which can minimize odour.

Beating the Heat

Periods during summer can cause excessive sweating and humidity around your vaginal area. Humidity is the root cause of many bacteria and fungi. JR pads are designed with a super absorbent material that can wick moisture away from the skin. JR Cool Freshness pads come with menthol freshness that provide a pleasant and fresh sensation without the feeling sticky, or smelling awful from discharge.