Health Care 29.Jul.2023

How To Choose The Ideal Sanitary Napkin As Per Your Period Flow

Boyfriend jeans or skinny ones, bodycon dresses or t-shirt dresses, size 32 or 34; don’t we all spend so much time choosing the perfect clothing for ourselves that fits us well? Then, why when it comes to sanitary pads, we often settle for the same ‘free size’ sanitary napkins that not only make us uncomfortable, but also fail to protect us from leakage?

Finding the right size in a sanitary napkin is just as important as finding the perfect pair of jeans. That being said, how do you choose the ideal sanitary napkin? Don’t fret. By the end of this blog, you will know how to choose period pads based on your flow.

Regular size

In addition to being one of the most commonly available and used pads, these are among the most widely demanded pads in the market. Regular size sanitary pads are for days when you experience light to normal bleeding. You can wear them on the first day of periods as well as on the last day. If you are looking for a great quality and reliable regular sanitary pads, then JR’s Bodyfit Regular sanitary pads are perfect for you. They come in 230 mm size. Their deep absorbent sheet prevents leakage even on heavy flow days.  

Extra large or XL

You should choose extra-large pads if you experience heavier flow. Compared to regular pads, they are much larger and provide the best protection against leakage. JR Antibacteria Extra-Long sanitary napkins come in 290 mm size and keep you protected from leakage and odor causing bacteria.


XL+ pads are even wider than the Extra-Large ones. These pads are especially designed to absorb maximum flow. JR Super XL+ pads are 323 mm long and provide protection against bacteria-causing infections.

In conclusion

While this is a general bifurcation, every woman can choose the sanitary pads as per their convenience and comfort. JR offers a wide range of period pads starting from regular size to XL+ pads. You can even mix as per your period days. But remember, whichever sanitary pad you choose, keep hygiene a priority.

Change your pad every 4-6 hours.

Wash your vulva with warm water and a pH-balanced soap