Health Care 20.Jul.2023

3 Best Sanitary Pads According To Gynecologists

Every woman needs sanitary pads during their menstrual cycles. Whether you are a teenager or a mature age, you need to know about the sanitary pads that you can purchase online. These are the pads that are approved by Gynecologists.

You can browse JR sanitary pads online on their website. Let’s explore their entire range of sanitary pads:

1. JR Cool Super XL+

Who doesn’t want to feel fresh and clean during their periods? When you use JR Cool pads, you can enjoy a cool feeling during your periods. This pad uses a unique cool-pad technology for you to feel cool and fresh during your periods. Buy JR sanitary pads online that are ultra-thin with a deep absorbent sheet that keeps the top layer cleaner. You can buy in two sizes – Extra Large and Super XL+ sizes. Use JR Cool during the summers and say goodbye to discomfort. The JR Cool Super XL+ is available in packages of 7, 15,30, and 44 pads.

2. JR AntiBacteria Super XL+

Now avoid leakage and unpleasant odours during your periods with JR AntiBacteria Super XL+. This pad has a deep absorbent sheet to prevent any leakage and gives you 99.9% protection from bacteria that leads to odour. These sanitary pads come with wings for a comfortable period! JR Antibacteria Super XL comes in these packages of 7, 15,30, and 44 pads.

3. JR Bodyfit Extra Long

Enjoy stress-free period days with JR Bodyfit Extra Long Pads. This sanitary napkin is designed to give you protection from leakage even on your heavy days. The top layer of the pad stays cleaner with a deep absorbent sheet. These sanitary pads come with a wing for a comfortable fit. JR Bodyfit Pads come in packages of:

6- XL

18- XL

7- Regular

18- Regular

Be confident during your period days with JR sanitary pads. For more details on their products, make sure to visit their website.