Health Care 14.Jul.2023

Sore Breast Before Periods? Here’S All You Need To Know

There are many women who experience soreness in the breast as they near menstruation. Some women also observe a little swelling, itches and tenderness along with soreness before and during menstruation. They might even feel sensitive to the touch. This is one of the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

It goes away gradually on its own as your periods are over for that particular month and as you near your menopause, symptoms like these will get better. This usually happens as the levels of progesterone and estrogen change and fluctuate before periods.

From putting on a bra to taking public transport, soreness in the breast not only affects the physical well-being but disturbs your everyday routine as well.

What you can do?

There are a few lifestyle changes that can be incorporated to reduce the discomfort in breast before periods.

Choose a healthy diet that excludes the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and other food which are high in fat and salt.

Introducing flaxseeds to your diet can also make a lot of difference.

Wear a bra that fits you well. While there is a majority of women who do not prefer wearing a bra at night time at all, you can still wear it if you need extra support. A comfortable sports bra is recommended.

When you should be worried?

While most of the discomforts in breast before and during periods are normal and do not really need any serious medical attention, there are a few other symptoms to watch out for as they can be warning signs of a serious infection as well.

If you experience pain in the breast after your periods are over, then it does not have anything to do with your periods at all. They can be completely noncyclic and are triggered by many other reasons. Sometimes it affects one and sometimes both the breasts. Conditions such as any trauma to the breast, pregnancy, fibrocystic changes in the breast, a bra that doesn’t fit you well, mastitis and sometimes any sprain caused to the shoulders, back or neck can also result in breast pain.

It is highly recommended that you seek immediate medical attention when your periods have ended and you’re still experiencing soreness in the breast that doesn’t get better and has other symptoms such as any discharge be it blood or clear from the nipples, a lump in any of your breasts, redness, fever, pus or tenderness. Your doctor will perform a breast examination on you before proceeding with the befitting treatment and will also show you how you can do it yourself.