Health Care 12.Jul.2023

Bathroom Habits During Periods

We all must have experienced a change in the digestion process during menstruation. Period poop is a real thing — all the girls and women feel a change in the consistency and the frequency of the poop. Apart from this, getting diarrhoea or constipation is also normal. Read below to understand why a change happens in the digestion process:-

Menstruation brings with it changes in the bathroom patterns also. There are changes in the digestion process, bowel habits and occurrence of diarrhoea. The prostaglandins compounds also reach to the bowel and increase its contraction which causes diarrhoea in the body. Due to excessive prostaglandins, the bowel gets affected which results in more poop during menstruation.

As a fact, the smell of the poop also changes because of the effect of progesterone. High level of progesterone makes one crave for more food which ultimately makes the stool smelly.

Some girls and women also experience constipation during the visit of aunt flow. Constipation occurs because of low levels of prostaglandins and high levels of progesterone — both combined make the digestion process slow.

An excessive amount of prostaglandins can surely give girls diarrhoea. The problem of diarrhoea gets intensified because of the intake of coffee, which surely many people out there do. While suffering from the problem of diarrhoea, one should avoid the intake of coffee (because of the laxative effect) and continue drinking more water.

While on periods, girls feel pain while pooping. Constipation can be one reason because it becomes hard to pass the stool at that time. Menstrual cramps can also make the pooping process painful. If someone is suffering from diarrhoea, then the cramps become recurrent and painful.

To avoid running to the toilet, again and again, one shall focus on exercising and eating a fibre-rich diet. Opting for Vitamin B6 or calcium is also beneficial in reducing stomach-related issues.