Health Care 12.Jul.2023

First Period While Travelling: What Precautions To Take

When we get our first period, the immediate thought that crosses the mind is how will things be managed? The first period is often associated with cramps in the lower abdomen, breast tenderness, lower backache, dizziness, etc. It takes time for the period to get stabilised — the first one can be light or can be even heavier with the bright red flow.

And, getting the first period while travelling can be stressful for girls. Jet lag symptoms such as difficulty in falling asleep, lack of concentration, fatigue, digestion issues, etc. can bring the menstrual cycle out-of-line. While travelling, the body also goes through hormonal changes which can lead to irregular periods or heavy periods. The two primary hormones affected while travelling is – melatonin and cortisol. To make the situation easier, it is important to take some precautions and follow some tips:

Stock-up Menstrual Care Products

Keeping a stock of pads and tampons while travelling will safeguard girls from landing in emergency situations. It is better to take a halt at places with clean washrooms for changing the products instead of reaching the spot and then looking for a loo. More tampons should be stocked-up if the destination is a beach or an evening by the poolside. Keeping a heating pad, painkillers and an extra pair of clothes in a bag while you are out for sight-seeing is the best way possible to stay clean and fresh during periods. Make sure to add tissue paper rolls which prove to be very useful especially while using public toilets. Stashing plastic bags in the bag for disposing of the trash is also important.

Wear comfortable clothes

If you were experiencing vaginal discharge and abdominal pain since a few days, you might have got a hint that your periods are arriving. When something like this happens and you are yet to receive the first period, it is better to follow some precautions. In the case of travel plans, girls should pack loose and breathable clothes. Wearing tight clothes may lead to rashes, sweating, inflammation and irritation while travelling.

Eat healthily

 While travelling, who would want to diet or eat something healthy? Menstruation brings with it severe bloating and digestion issues. Avoiding drinking inflammatory drinks and foods such as white bread, pastries, fries, soda, red meat, etc. is helpful in easing down the bloating and the painful period cramps. Alcohol should be avoided during periods because it leads to more blood loss, increases fatigue, etc. When travelling during periods, make sure the diet has fruits, nuts, eggs, dark chocolates, chamomile tea, etc. to ensure bloating-free periods. Eating salty foods is a big no during that time of the month if you don’t want to feel all puffy. Drinking plenty of water is important because dehydration can lead to painful cramps and discomfort.

Include Vitamin B-6

If you are visiting the coastal areas, then finding seafood with a delicious taste is not that difficult. Items such as fish, chicken, turkey and potatoes are a great source of Vitamin 6 which are helpful in reducing food cravings, mood swings and reducing water retention during periods. Vitamin B-6 can also be consumed in the form of supplements.