Health Care 11.Jul.2023

Emotional Rollercoaster!! Periods are on their way!!

Yep, it’s true there are symptoms and signs which tell you that your periods are on their way. According to research and studies, almost 90% of the women experience these signs and symptoms before their periods and that’s how they know that that time of the month is coming. Even though hormones can be blamed for all of this but sometimes it’s the brain chemical as well. We have listed the top eight signs that alarm you before your periods to get ready to face the painful, unpleasant and uncomfortable 5 days of your month.


One of the most common sign, yet a painful one are the cramps. Menstrual cramps are also known as dysmenorrhea which can be identified as a slight pain in the lower abdominal that may begin one or two days before your period. The cramps last up to 3-4 days and the severity of pain is different for every woman.


Another sign that is a major sign that your periods are coming is bloating. Bloating is fluid retention that may result in feeling swollen around the waist area. It can feel a little uncomfortable and bother you but it happens.

Sore breasts

Swelling up of the breast and their tenderness is also a sign that your periods are on their way. This is caused due to high levels of prolactin which is a breastfeeding hormone.

Feeling tired or sleepless nights

The menstrual cycle makes our body lethargic and so does incoming of them. Sometimes you’re too tired and sometimes you just cannot sleep. The high estrogen and progesterone levels begin to make you feel uncomfortable and that is the reason why you can’t have that good night sleep.

Mood Swings

Everyone is aware of this sign, mood swings. Women tend to experience mood swings or intensified emotions before and during their periods. This is simply called PMSing where women feel their emotions too deeply and it’s completely normal. Mood swings usually start affecting you as early as a week before your periods and usually goes away in 2-4 days during periods.

Food Cravings

When you can’t stop thinking about the donut or a waffle that you want, you’re already there, in the process of getting your period. According to studies, the hormones released by female gonads; estrogen and progesterone affect every organ in the body which eventually kicks in the craving for sugar. You’re allowed to satisfy your food cravings with that chocolate you want to eat because you deserve it. Just keep your cravings upto a march and not to eat too much.


As a grown adult, your skin is prone to hormonal acne. Acne breakouts before periods are normal. The rise in the hormone leads to sebum production which blocks the pores and this why you get pimples before periods.

High sex drive

You may have an increased urge to get sexually involved with your partner during this time. The sex drive usually increases and your body craves for the intimacy. Your hormones are to be blamed for what you feel during the time. This indicates that your period will give you a greeting call very soon.

The good part about knowing the symptoms are that women tend to identify them easily and get ready beforehand. Nobody wants a surprise like that. You can go through the symptoms mentioned and analyse your process before period.