Health Care 08.Jul.2023

Dealing with first-period pain

We are sure that a majority of women/girls remember the exact moment or place that they got their first period, and we also understand that it might not have been the most pleasant experience that they might have had.

Being prepared about the ins and outs of their first period is truly something that we recommend every girl/women should be up to date on. The same goes for dealing with their first-period pain. Here are a few ways in which all the girls out there can deal with the pain.

Herbal teas:It has been found that some herbal teas can actually help brilliantly when it comes to relieving period cramps effectively.

Ginger tea, in particular, helps tremendously well, and works asa naturalibuprofen, without any of the side effects. Ginger tea also works miracles on any nausea that a girl might be feeling during her first period.

Peppermint Tea is another such herbal tea that works equally effectively. The menthol present in the tea helps relax the uterine muscles thus providing relief from cramps.

Massage for Pain Relief

Massaging the lower abdomen during the first period may not seem like a great idea for most girls, but when done in the right manner and with the right kind of essential oils, it has been known to alleviate pain quite effectively.

Use essential oils like lavender, sage or marjoram oilin particularto make sure that the pain relief lasts longer and is more effective.

Heating Pads

This just might be the simplest and the most effective method of pain relief that girls can adopt during their periods. Girls should lie on their sides and just use a heating pad or a hot water bottle against their abdomen when the pain starts. Like every other over-the-counter painkiller, heating pads have been known to be equally effective at reducing period pains quite effectively.

Stay Active

We know that it is easier said than done, but the more active a girl is during her periods, the lesser the chance of her having extremely painful cramps. The occasional pain will come and go, but the extremity of the pain goes down to quite an extent when a girl stays active during her first period days.When girls/women stay active, they end up releasing a hormone called endorphins, that help in boosting a person’s mind and mood, apart from reducing pain as well.

Diet Change

A revision might be required in a girl’s diet when she is supposed to start her first period as this will have a tremendously beneficial effect on her overall health as well. Parents/guardians should talk to their girl’sgynaecologistand make sure that it is ok for them to make additions or subtractions from her diet to ease discomfort and pain during periods. A diet that is low in fats and is full of fresh vegetables and fruits is known to benefit girls and women alike by reducing cramps during periods

The addition of fish oil and Vitamin B12 also helps tremendously.

Dealing with the very first period of a girl’s life can be hard, both for the girl herself and for her parents/guardians, but it is something that can be dealt with effectively and quite easily too. Just relax and don’t worry so much.