Health Care 07.Jul.2023

Think Tampons Are Hard To Wear? Let’s Make Them Easy

You’ve heard about them in hushed conversations all around you. Your friends & colleagues have been talking about them. You know you ought to give tampons a try because of the good things you’ve heard.

But before you buy tampons, you should know how to wear them so that it’s not an intimidating experience for you.

Before we get into the details, let’s give you a better idea on what kind of tampon suits you better depending on your lifestyle.

Tampons come in 2 types; Ones that come with an Applicator and the ones that don’t. Applicators come with a plastic mechanism that clicks into place when inserted into the vagina while Non-Applicators just need your fingers to do the job. For first time users we suggest you give the applicators a shot.

Applicators are for tampon veterans (just kidding!). They are as easy as pie when it comes to putting them on. You just need to take care of a few things.

Make sure you wash your hands properly (hygiene trumps everything else!).

Take the tampon out of the box and make sure that the string is attached. Just a light tug can make sure that the string remains attached.

Insert the rounded end of the applicator into the vaginal opening aimed towards the back of your body. Ensure that the string remains outside.

Once the top half of the applicator is fully inside, push the applicator handle in. This helps place the tampon securely and at the right place.

Pull out the plastic casing. Your tampon then slowly spreads out into your vagina and starts absorbing your flow.

When you’re ready to take it out, just simply pull the string out, dispose it off and wash your hands again (Again, hygiene is everything!!). The V-shape taken by the tampon makes it easy to pull out once you have used it.

Non-Applicators come without the plastic mechanism that are found in applicators & have to be inserted into the vagina using your fingers.

Tampons with Applicators are best when you have just decided to try them on for the first time. Try and go for low absorbency types so that you can try them on for a couple of hours before you can remove them. You can always switch to higher absorbency types once you are more comfortable with them.

Whether it’s applicators or non-applicators, inserting and using them is easier than what you probably think. The only thing to be careful about is that you don’t overuse them. Tampons are meant to be used for a maximum of 8 hours. It’s ideal that you change them every 4-5 hours. The best part about tampons is that they are compact and easier to carry, so you can wear them even when you’re outside.

It’s kind of important to know which type of tampon is best for you.

For starters you can try the JR Regular Tampons. They have a long lasting absorbency of upto 8 hours but you can change them after 5 hours during your initial easing in phase.

So there you go! You’re on your way to a better experience with tampons now that you know how much easier life is with them.