Health Care 07.Jul.2023

Pantyliners And Pads: How They Are Different!

You know what pads are. You’ve been hearing and talking about them ever since you hit puberty. We come across this question a lot. And don’t worry, it’s not you alone. People can be confused about what product to use when.

So let’s clear out the obvious confusion first. Sanitary pads are used when you are experiencing your periods and your flow of blood is more. Pantyliners, on the other hand, are used when you’re not on your periods but experience vaginal discharges and white discharges from your vagina leaving your panty unhygienic, wet and unclean. They can be used as daily companions on your non-period days, pads cannot!

Sanitary pads normally come in bigger sizes and thicker as they need to absorb more flow during periods. Pantyliners are slimmer, smaller, and thinner and fit on your crotch area on you panties on normal discharge days giving you a feeling of no-usage. Although, pantyliners look strikingly similar to sanitary pads.

Pantyliners come in two types:

Anti-Bacterials– These liners are used when you experience excessive discharge or blood spotting.

Everyday Fresh/Dailyfresh: These liners absorb daily discharges and leakages. They are more breathable and absorb perspiration.

Sanitary Pads come in various types and sizes depending on your flow and the time of the day when you’re using them.

Based on the time of use they can be for Day usage and Overnight use. They come in different sizes depending on your body type. They are also available in the form of antibacterials that help in maintaining your hygiene levels and reducing odour during your periods and come as regular non-fragrant ones.

Sofy has a great line of pantyliners as well as sanitary pads. Their antibacterial liners keep you feeling fresh and clean. For more information, you can check their entire product line up on their website.

So now you know what you need for your flow (Did that just rhyme?). We recommend that you have a period regime in terms of keeping your liners and pads handy in advance. It helps to be always ready.