Health Care 12.May.2023

Some Things About Women'S Sanitary Napkins

Health towel is a with absorption force of material, main of material for cotton, and not weaving,and pulp or above material composite real by formed of polymer polymer and polymer polymer composite paper, side side of design main used to prevent side leak, because using Shi will and health cotton ontology rendering a angle, more easy and rat mountains, Department flow health friction, so using soft material of side side of health towel more by women favored.Tampon gum is impervious material can leave blood on the tampon to absorb the menstruating women, vaginal flow of menstrual blood.

Sanitary napkin shape

Egypt: used softened Papyrus leaves as a tampon.1 550 BC, Egypt had put a soft cloth into the records of the woman's vagina to prevent pregnancy,experts inferred the soft cloth is also used to cope with menstruation, then it is probably all we can know of the first generation of"sanitary napkins."

China: Chinese woman with a long white cloth napkins, came under a body absorbed the blood of menstruation, replace to add alum water cleaning

Greece: a sackcloth on wood, as a tampon.

Africa: some women have used the soft feathers and cloth pad in the lower body, and after the use of feathers and the pieces collected in small wooden barrels.

United States: modern versions of sanitary napkins was allegedly headed by a very loving wife of United States men's invention, he stumbled, with a soft cloth to clean cotton and absorbs strong pulp and paper wrapped to make long strips of cotton pads, can effectively reduce the wife's menstrual pain and inconvenience. The cotton pad in the 1940 of the 20th century from Europe and the United States popular, and gradually developed into the use of disposable materials

There, women of ancient times, because there is no tampons can be used, so in the Caveman era women,sometimes with a sea sponge,or things like grass for tampon use.