Company News 25.Apr.2023

How To Choose Disposable Underwear

More and more friends feel the convenience of wearing disposable underwear when traveling.It is absolutely free of hands,and in addition to traveling,there are also lochia during menstruation and postpartum.The role of disposable underwear is really not too convenient,it is solved.The process of cleaning the underwear also saves a lot of trouble.The key is that it is really convenient to carry.The disposable underwear currently on the market is divided into two materials:non-woven fabric and cotton.

Non-woven disposable underwear

Paper underwear,that is,non-woven underwear,it is neither cloth nor paper,but a synthetic chemical fiber.Because of its poor air permeability and close to the skin,it is easy to cause skin discomfort and cause gynecological problems.

Pure cotton disposable underwear

Pure cotton material has always been the best choice for making underwear.It can provide women with the most comfortable and private feeling,and has better moisture absorption and breathability than non-woven fabrics.

So how to choose disposable underwear?

1.Look at the material

Ordinary fabrics are uncomfortable to wear,and inferior materials may cause adverse reactions such as allergies,while non-woven fabrics are synthetic chemical fibers with poor air permeability and are not skin-friendly,which can easily cause discomfort.Therefore,it is best to choose disposable underwear made of pure cotton.

2.Look at the trousers design

The trousers should not be too tight,they must be in gentle contact with the belly,without binding or oppressive feeling.If they are too tight,they will leave strangulation marks and cause discomfort.

3.Look at breathability

Choose sweat-absorbent,breathable,antibacterial and anti-odor materials:it can make pregnant moms who are afraid of heat feel more comfortable,and anti-bacterial and anti-odor materials can also maintain personal hygiene.

4.Look at flexibility

Underwear made of highly elastic material can stretch and contract with changes in body shape,and the user will feel more comfortable due to the fit during use.

5.Look at water resistance

Good disposable underwear must be designed with waterproof fabric.Generally,good waterproof fabrics are breathable and feel like cloth,so you must not buy low-quality PVC or plastic.