Company News 25.Apr.2023

Are You Care Adult Incontinence In Daily Life

Adult diapers are disposable urinary incontinence products,one of adult care products,and a disposable diaper mainly suitable for incontinent adults.The main performance of adult diapers is water absorption,which mainly depends on the amount of fluff pulp and polymer water-absorbing agent.In order to cater to more customer needs,our company is also developing new products one after another.Adult diapers are also one of our main products.

Our JR Hygiene have three main kinds of adults diapers,i will show you some details here:

Adult Diaper

Adult diaper has a special anatomic shape that guarantees excellent wear-ability for both mobile and bedridden users.Suitable for medium and severe disorders.

Adult diaper

Nursing Pad

Nursing pad is fastened at the waist by a practical prepositional belt.The product comes in three sizes.It is easy to wear and let the skin breathable.It is suitable for all kinds of incontinence,both for mobile and bedridden users.

Nursing Pad

Adult Pants

Worn this adult pants as a normal underwear and ensure comfort and safety at all times of the day.The tear-off side makes it easy to remove after use.It is particularly indicates for active people,with moderate voids.The nominative abdominal elastic band in stretching non-woven delivery more comfort and fit perfectly adapting to the body shapes.

Adult Pants

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